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International Casinoclubs

Casinos- boon or bane

When these were launched initially, there was a lot of criticism and casinos received a lot of flak from the upper middle class, middle class and lower middle class. Calls of the casinos being ‘unethical’, ‘immoral’ began to resound globally. However, with the pay perks and almost everyone seeming to pay a visit, the opinion towards casinos has changed. And it is safe to say they are a boon in a few aspects and bane in the other.

Tourism: With innovative presentations and new ways being used to lure the public, most of the people are not shying away from travelling to other places, places where these casinos are housed basically; just to get a ‘feel’ and experience. This is a high source of foreign revenue and an innovative way to promote tourism among the elite and high class life addicted people.

Increased Employment: Casinos are usually huge establishments, which require a large work force to take care of it. Right from managerial cadre to the security level, there is an opportunity at every level of employment. This would go a long way in providing employment opportunities to the unemployed and the youth alike. Students looking for part times can do so as well.

Community benefits, self-help: At the time of establishment itself, the representatives of the locations where these casinos are set up and the management of the casinos come to a formal agreement regarding the sharing of taxes and usage of taxes for the betterment of the community where the casino is housed. This would go a long way in helping the poor, providing better life facilities, better quality of life. In short, it would be like a win win situation for the management and the public. Taxes can be transferred to the government.


Craps are the most exciting games in the casino.  It is a game in which everybody can win together.  However, because of the size of the table and not so familiar phrases, Craps can be intimidating if you are do not have awareness of the game properly.  At any point in time, A crap table can hold as many as 20 players along with 4 staff personnel.

Craps involve the most money in casinos.  Hence it would be important to be familiar with the  personnel upfront.  On one side of the table, a “boxman” would be present at the center.  His responsibility is to supervise the game and handle all the cash. Opposite him would be another man known to be “stickman”.  His responsibility is to control the players, urge them to be decisive, work with the dice etc.

The borders of the table on all sides is surrounded with a “Pass” line.  This line is for bettors who support the shooter’s side.  Another line “Don’t pass” is for players who want to challenge by betting against the shooter.  The space between the boxman and the stickman is the area for bets.  Another place for betting is in front of the players with a section named “Field”.

The Game

Craps is all about players taking turns to roll over the dice.  By the time you are at the table, if somebody is throwing the dice, it means that you cannot place bet until the next “come out” roll is placed.  As soon as the shooter rolls the dice to exactly seven, the next player becomes the shooter.  You may place your bet on the “pass line” before the shooter starts rolling the dice.
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